Friday, April 2, 2010

Zatarain's Recalls Original Dirty Rice Mix Package: Unlabeled Wheat & Barley

Zatarain's has announced a voluntary recall of one of their products as it contains undeclared wheat and barley ingredients. People with wheat or barley allergies have the risk of serious and even life threatening allergic reactions if they consume this product.

Zatarain's Original Dirty Rice Mix, 8 oz. package with UPC Code 7142909535 and a "BEST BY" date of JAN 19 12H.This product was distributed to some grocery stores in Florida, Michigan and Virginia from February 15, 2010 onwards. The product is sold in 8 oz. boxes. Its date code is at the bottom of the package.This recall was initiated after it was discovered that the product was mispackaged. The ingredient statement on the package does not list wheat and barley as an ingredient. So far, no illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported..

Any grocery selling Zatarain's New Orleans Style Dirty Rice Mix packages have been asked to remove these products from their shelves immediately. Consumers should contact Zatarain's Consumer Affairs at 1-877-837-3796, weekdays from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM ET. You will receive a replacement or full refund and instructions on what to do with the product.

More Information @: FDA

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