Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kellogg agrees to Restrict Advertising

An investigation by the FTC into some of Kellogg's advertising claims about the health benefits of its Rice Krispies cereal has led to a settlement between the two parties. Kellogg's has agreed to advertising restrictions regarding the following statement on the cereal box which says:

now helps support your child’s immunity; has been improved to include antioxidants and nutrients that your family needs to help them stay healthy

The FTC s taking action against Kellogg at a time when public health researchers are intensifying their challenges to the marketing of sugary foods. They noted that:

We expect more from a great American company than making dubious claims — not once, but twice — that its cereals improve children’s health.

The new order bars Kellogg's from making any claims about any health benefit of any food unless the claims are backed by scientific evidence and not misleading.

Kellogg responded by noting that the company had a long history of responsible advertising.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cadmium found on McDonald's 'Shrek' Glasses

Over 12 million glasses that were sold by McDonald's to promote the movie Shrek Forever After. This recalls follows a warning by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that they contain cadmium, a toxic metal. These glasses were sold only by the burger chain between May and June. The 16oz glasses were sold for $2.00 each and have a Shrek character painted on them.

Interestingly, the recall originated with an anonymous tip by an alert customer last week who told Rep. Jackie Speier (D) of California that the glasses contained cadmium. CPSC was contacted and the glasses were sent for testing. Speier has called for tougher safety standards for children's products.

Representative Speier noted:
Our children’s health should not depend on the consciences of anonymous sources. Although McDonald’s did the right thing by recalling these products, we need stronger testing standards to ensure that all children’s products are proven safe before they hit the shelves.
McDonald's notes that the glasses met federal safety standards during laboratory testing but they initiated this recall
in light of the CPSC's evolving assessment of standards for cadmium in consumer products
So far, no injuries from this product have been reported. For more information, consumers are encouraged to contact McDonald’s at (800) 244-6227 between 9 - 5CT Monday through Friday.